Ebook: Eating in Color

Ebook: Eating in Color

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Forget about following trends to “easy weight loss” or “instant health”, our current times illustrate that tomorrow is not promised and that taking care of your whole body now is an investment in your future self. There's an abundance of information on social media about eating well and healing, but sometimes it’s difficult to determine where to start and who to trust . This Ebook utilizes personal experience and research-based information, so you will learn how to: 

  • Be more intentional about the foods you consume
  • Not to fall prey to marketing techniques when food shopping
  • Confidently eat well and still eat within your cultural taste buds
  • See food as healing and a means to lessening your chance of future chronic diseases

Since 2008, I have used my experience and advocacy skills to spread awareness about healthy eating. I was selected by a former NY Governor to be a speaker for an initiative addressing healthy eating among the Black and Brown youth in Harlem NYC. From my professional experience of advocacy and research to my personal motherhood journey, this Ebook shares one way I have reclaimed my health without compromising my heritage and using research-based information. I hope this information is easily digestible and useful to you on your journey.

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